Microcolumn Acupuncture

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The name “microcolon” is an acupuncture treatment option that represents the large intestine organ with the fingers of the hand and is associated with the large intestine canal, one of the important channels of acupuncture. It is performed by needling the points determined with a special examination method, the use of a medical pendulum, pulse palpation and examinations.

It can be applied in several sessions. It is used in many intestinal diseases, disc herniations, pain related to the locomotor system, (lumbar hernia, cervical hernia, shoulder pain, knee pain, foot pain, etc.) headaches, and effective results are obtained.

With acupuncture, the release of many neurochemical substances in the brain is stimulated through the nerve endings in the areas where the needle is inserted. It affects pain modulators through the limbic system and stimulates the release of a molecule such as beta endorphin, which is a much stronger painkiller than morphine.

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