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Migraine is a neurological disorder that causes recurrent headache attacks. Migraine pain is usually felt on one side and is severe. It can also be accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound.


  • I have so much pain that I can’t stop until I go to the emergency room and get an injection!
  • When I have pain, I can’t go back to my normal life unless I turn off everything and sleep in the dark.
  • If I have made a plan, I have to cancel it when the pain starts or I can’t stand it.
  • I have to come home from work!
  • If you say, as a migraine patient, it is time for you to be treated!


The most common symptoms of migraine are:

  • Severe headache: Migraine pain is usually felt intensely on one side, but may spread to other sides over time. The pain is pulsatile (like a pulse) and severe. Moving or doing activities during a migraine attack can increase the pain.
  • Nausea and vomiting: Nausea and vomiting are common during a migraine attack.
  • Sensitivity to light and sound: During a migraine attack, you may experience extreme sensitivity to light, sound and even odors.
  • Visual disturbances: During a migraine attack, some people may experience visual disturbances such as flashes of light, shifting or blurred vision. These are usually temporary and disappear when the migraine pain is over.
  • Pre-headache symptoms: Before the onset of a migraine attack, some people experience pre-headache symptoms. These symptoms may include fatigue, irritability, anxiety, depression, changes in appetite, drowsiness, neck stiffness or mild pain on one side.

Migraine symptoms can vary from person to person and may not always be the same. Factors that trigger migraine pain may also vary from person to person.

What Causes Migraine?

Migraine is a result of chronic inflammation and needs to be treated. Chronic inflammation is a long-lasting and low-grade inflammatory response and affects many systems of the body.

When intestinal permeability increases, the immune system responds to these toxins and bacteria and the inflammatory response is triggered. This inflammatory response can occur as a result of chronic inflammation in the body and can cause migraine attacks.

A healthy gut flora contains different bacteria that reduce the inflammatory response and regulate intestinal permeability. However, stress, malnutrition, antibiotic use and other factors can upset the balance of gut flora. This increases the inflammatory response and can cause a migraine attack.

Therefore, in the treatment, we perform applications aimed at eliminating intestinal permeability, removing toxins and improving chronic inflammation.

Migraine treatment in our center:

  • Personalized nutrition plan
  • Replacement of Deficient Vitamins and Minerals
  • Cupping Therapy (Cupping)
  • Prolotherapy, Neuroprolotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Medical Leech Treatments

is being implemented.

Personalized Nutrition Plan:

Nutrition is an important factor in the triggering and treatment of migraine.

We ask migraine patients to limit or completely eliminate certain foods from their diet for a certain period of time. These foods include milk and dairy products, gluten-free cereals, processed and packaged foods, artificial sweeteners, convenience foods.

A completely personalized nutrition plan that includes bowel therapy is prepared and this process is followed by our nutritionist one-to-one.

Cupping Therapy (Cupping)

Removing toxin excretion, improving blood circulation and reducing stress with cupping have positive effects on migraine.

Medical Leech Treatments

There are some components in the saliva of leeches that have an anti-inflammatory effect. This means that leeches can help reduce the inflammation that occurs during migraines. Also, the bite of leeches increases local blood flow in the body, helping the body’s natural healing process.

Leech therapy also has a reflexological effect. By stimulating skin receptors, leeches cause changes in the pain control centers in the brain, which helps to reduce migraine pain.

Migraine Treatment with Neuroprolotherapy

Neuroprolotherapy is a natural injection technique to treat damaged or weak tissues in the body. This treatment is especially used to treat painful conditions such as migraines. It is a treatment method that directly affects damaged tissues, especially in the head and neck area. In this method, damaged tissues in the body are first identified and then a series of natural substances are injected into the area in small amounts. These substances help repair and regenerate damaged tissues.

With neuroprolotherapy, we witness that migraine pain is reduced, quality of life is improved and the person feels better. The effects are as follows:

  • Promotes nerve repair.
  • Neuroprolotherapy promotes nerve repair by stimulating the body’s own healing process. This helps to reduce migraine symptoms.
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces muscle tension: Migraine headaches are often caused by muscle tension.
  • Improves blood circulation: Neuroprolotherapy increases blood circulation, making it easier for oxygen and nutrients to reach the nerves. This promotes nerve repair and reduces migraine symptoms.
  • Regulates nerve stimulation

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