Uzm. Dr. Burak AYDIN

Specialist Dr. Burak Aydın provides services in Istanbul with his functional and holistic approach to medicine and personalised treatment methods in the field of combating chronic diseases and sustainable healthy living.

He graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Medicine. He specialized in Emergency Medicine at Marmara University Faculty of Medicine Hospital and Kanuni Sultan Süleyman EAH. In addition to his Emergency Medicine specialty, he completed trainings in Ozone Therapy, Mesotherapy, Acupuncture, Cupping Therapy, Hirudotherapy, Phytotherapy, Apitherapy, Prolotherapy, Reflexology, Manual Therapy, Bioenergy.

In addition, he completed Chiropractic HVLA Techniques, Visceral Osteopathy trainings.

He is a member of the University of Health Sciences Getat Ethics Committee. He gave First Aid Trainings at the Turkish Football Federation and has been a speaker at many congresses and seminars.

He founded the Eurasia Integrative Medicine Association.

He organized Microbiome Therapies 2020, Medical Detox Symposium, Holistic GI Symposium, I. Natural Therapies, II. Natural Therapies congresses.

Adopting a holistic approach to diseases as a principle, he focused on microbiota, gut health, chronic toxicity and locomotor system, musculoskeletal system diseases. He continues to work in his own practice in Istanbul with a physician understanding that determines the principles of treatment in line with a functional and holistic approach.

Areas of Specialization

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Dr. Burak Aydın

Uzm. Dr. Burak Aydın

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