What is Online Functional Medicine Services?

It is a medical service we provide to get information about health status online, remotely, to evaluate customized blood tests and to create personalized solutions. With expert functional medicine physicians, we provide functional approach and consultancy for adult and pediatric diseases.

How does it work?

Our professional team comes to your home for special laboratory tests structured individually and the results are evaluated by our specialist physicians in a one-to-one interview. Personalized nutrition recommendations, vitamin-mineral supplement use, lifestyle improvements are made.




Advantages of Online Functional Medicine

Individualized treatment: Online functional medicine consultations help to individually identify the causes of health problems and create personalized treatment plans.

Evaluation of advanced, customized, highly sensitive blood parameters instead of conventional blood tests: We offer a functional medicine service that includes the determination of intracellular vitamin-mineral levels, high-sensitivity studies of chronic inflammation indicators, and the evaluation of many check-up blood tests that can vary depending on gender and age according to the symptom and disease history.

Effective, natural solutions for children: We offer pediatric functional medicine consultancy for parents who are tired of going to health centers for their children, especially nowadays when childhood diseases are becoming more frequent and antibiotic use is increasing.

Identifying the underlying causes of health problems: By identifying the underlying causes of health problems, online functional medicine counseling shifts the focus of treatment to the underlying factors that help you live healthily. This helps to eliminate the root causes of chronic complaints and diseases, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Provides remote health services: Online functional medicine consulting offers accessible healthcare services to patients anywhere in the world, from anywhere and at any time. This provides easier access to more people.

Provides solutions to a wide range of health problems: Online functional medicine counseling offers an effective solution for many health problems. It can be useful for chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, thyroid problems, autoimmune diseases and many more.

How are functional blood tests different from other blood tests?

Functional medicine blood tests offer a different approach from the routine tests of conventional medicine. Here are some of the advantages:

Comprehensive Assessment: Functional medicine blood tests are usually structured in a more comprehensive way. They not only measure basic biochemical values, but also assess hormonal levels, vitamin and mineral levels, oxidative stress parameters, immune function and other metabolic markers. In this way, it provides a more detailed insight into the health status of the individual.
Functional Assessment: While ordinary tests are usually used to diagnose diseases, functional medicine blood tests aim to assess the body’s functions. Such tests assess how organ systems work, the efficiency of nutrient absorption, toxin load, immune responses and other biological processes. Thus, it helps to identify the underlying root causes of health problems.
Individualized Approach: Functional medicine blood tests offer an individualized approach. Since each individual’s metabolic and genetic structure is different, the evaluation is based on individual-specific target ranges and the individual’s disease history, rather than general reference ranges. In this way, the changes the individual needs for optimal health and functional balance can be determined.
Early Diagnosis and Prevention: Functional medicine blood tests support early diagnosis and prevention of diseases. It is used to detect imbalances in the body and potential health problems. In this way, intervention and preventive measures can be taken before problems progress to more advanced stages.
Creating a Personal Health Plan: Functional medicine blood test results can be used to assess a person’s health status and create a personal health plan. During the treatment and recovery process, personalized strategies can be developed in accordance with the individual’s metabolic, nutritional and lifestyle needs.

Who is it suitable for?

People with chronic diseases: Online functional medicine is an ideal option for those with chronic diseases.

People with hormonal problems: Online functional medicine is also suitable for those with hormonal problems. In particular, those with problems associated with hormonal changes such as thyroid problems, adrenal fatigue and menopause can benefit from online functional medicine.

People with digestive problems: People with digestive problems often experience these complaints as a result of intestinal permeability and toxin overload. Digestive problems can underlie other health issues that are important for digestive health, and online functional medicine can help improve digestive health.

Those with autoimmune diseases: Autoimmune diseases are chronic illnesses caused by the immune system producing antibodies against the body’s own tissues. Online functional medicine counseling helps to identify the underlying causes of autoimmune diseases, alleviate symptoms, learn the basics of a drug-free life, healthy eating patterns and gain skills for implementation.

Those who want to develop a healthy lifestyle: With online functional medicine consultancy, we help people to create a healthier lifestyle by examining their lifestyle habits, dietary preferences and exercise routines.

Why is Mineral Balance in the Body Important?

Minerals are important elements that play various roles in metabolic processes. For example, zinc participates in more than 300 reactions for the proper functioning of metabolism. Zinc deficiency can lead to immune problems, delayed wound healing, problems with growth and pregnancy. In addition, zinc deficiency can cause hair loss, diarrhea, eczema, psoriasis, frequent infections, behavioral disorders, delayed wound healing, white spots on the nails, appetite and taste disorders. In childhood, zinc deficiency may be manifested by symptoms such as short stature, growth retardation and delayed puberty.

Many foods such as red meat, eggs, dairy products, offal, seafood, nuts, almonds, walnuts, seeds, legumes, grains, flaxseed, wheat bran, fruits and vegetables can cause mineral deficiencies despite their continuous consumption. The cause of mineral deficiencies may be inadequate intake through food, or it may be that other minerals and metals interfere with this intake.

What is the Role of Minerals for Gut Health?

Minerals are important for maintaining gut health and for the absorption of minerals and vitamins in food. Metals are common toxins that pose serious health threats worldwide and should not be absorbed from the intestines. Minerals such as selenium, magnesium, calcium and zinc play an important role in maintaining the delicate balance of the intestines. Deficiencies of these minerals have been shown in clinical studies to indicate increased intestinal permeability. However, when these deficiencies are supplemented, intestinal permeability has been observed to decrease.

Can Vitamin-Mineral Levels Be Checked in the Blood? How are Functional Tests Different?

Most minerals and metals are found inside the cell. Routine laboratory analyzes performed only in serum are not sufficient, they do not show the inside of the cell. Therefore, the evaluation of minerals and metals both inside and outside the cell provides a more precise assessment. Using various analyses and new technologies, metal and mineral levels are determined and help to clarify the individual’s specific situation.

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