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Non-Surgical Solution for Your Persistent Pain

What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy treatment is based on the principle of injecting an irritant solution into painful ligament and tendon adhesion sites in musculoskeletal diseases. Healing is triggered by the tissue initiating an inflammatory process in these areas.

With prolotherapy, the tissue’s self-repair mechanism is initiated. In this way, damaged tissues, joints and ligaments are strengthened again.

Where is Prolotherapy Treatment Used?

Herniations, degeneration, calcification, slipped discs, flattening, etc., which occur over time in the waist and neck, which are the spine regions most affected by age-related and usage-related damage, cause intense pain in people. In addition to pain, symptoms such as weakness and numbness in the arms and legs can also be observed. It is widely used especially in chronic back and neck pain, knee arthritis, hernias, migraine, headaches, heel spurs, hip pain, tennis elbow, tendonitis, tenosynovitis.

How Many Sessions Is Prolotherapy Treatment?

The number of sessions is determined according to the person. Average 4-6 sessions are performed.

How Do I Know If I Need Prolotherapy Treatment?

  • I have pain in my joints when I walk on the road, when I bend down.
  • I hit something and then my pain started.
  • I have difficulty bending my knees and climbing stairs. I have arthritis and fluid loss.
  • My pain does not bother me much, but I am afraid that it will get worse.
  • There is no problem in my films, but I feel pain while doing my work.
  • I have a pain that requires me to take painkillers constantly.
  • I don’t feel extreme pain, but I was told that it could be the beginning of a hernia, it makes my daily life a little difficult.
  • If I stand and sit too much, I get pain.
  • I was told that there is a hernia in my films, it is very difficult for me, but there is no loss of sensation.
  • I always feel tired and weak because of the pain.

Is There a Reduction in Pain with Prolotherapy Treatment?

Patients with problems affecting the musculoskeletal system of the body in areas such as the waist and neck constitute the majority of the applications to our clinic.

When it is desired to get results with prolotherapy treatment, the patient’s application of an appropriate nutrition model and a diet rich in anti-inflammatory nutrients will increase the effectiveness of the treatment. The application of the nutrition program prepared in the presence of a dietician will ensure that the complaints will disappear faster.

With prolotherapy treatment, which we have applied on many patients in our clinic, we get satisfactory results in our patients who have been experiencing chronic back, neck, hip and knee pain for many years. A holistic assessment is made beforehand and a personalized treatment program is determined. In addition to prolotherapy, the treatment process is supported by ozone therapy, neural therapy, acupuncture and vitamin-mineral supplements that the body needs.

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