Benefits of Cupping Treatment

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Cupping is a bloodletting or blood purification technique known as a traditional treatment method and practiced in many cultures. In this technique, blood is sucked from under the skin by applying vacuum or negative pressure to specific points on the skin surface.

Cupping is usually performed using special cupping cups or cups. The cups are placed on the skin and then the skin surface is slightly lifted by drawing in air. This vacuum effect allows the blood under the skin to be drawn towards the skin surface and then removed. In more modern techniques, vacuum devices can be used.

Who Can Have Cupping?

Some conditions or circumstances for cupping may include the following:

Health Conditions: Cupping can be used to treat some health conditions. However, like any medical procedure, it is important that it is done with the health condition and history in mind. In particular, it may not be suitable for people with bleeding disorders, skin problems or certain health conditions.

Professional Supervision: It may be safer to have cupping performed by health professionals. Experts can reduce potential risks by ensuring hygienic conditions and the correct implementation of the procedure.

Consent and Wishes of the Individual: Cupping is usually a voluntary procedure and is performed according to the individual’s own wishes or beliefs. Everyone can choose or refuse this type of practice based on their own preferences and belief systems.

There are many different factors and conditions under which cupping can be performed. However, especially in this type of traditional or alternative treatment methods. Dr. Burak Aydin, you should consult a professional health care provider. Your healthcare professional will decide the best treatment for you.

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